Fireplace Decoration Ideas 

Fireplaces are often a central element of a home’s design. They influence everything from furniture placement to foot-traffic flow.  How you choose to decorate the space surrounding such an important feature is an opportunity to showcase your personal style at its finest.

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Whether your design aesthetic is inspired by Art Deco, Victorian, Mid-Century, or something else entirely, you can make your fireplace a stylish focal point!  Here are four chic design ideas! 

The Vintage Maximalist

You have an eye for flea market treasures. So, why not use the space above and around your fireplace to showcase a curated collection of your favorite finds?  Bold patterns or colors and a variety of textures, finishes, dimensions, and shapes characterize Vintage Maximalist style.  Give an antique map or scrap of vintage wallpaper a prominently displayed home in a thrifted frame.  An interesting and varied compilation with textural and ornate details keeps the eye moving and prevents any one object from becoming the display’s focus, making it perfect for displaying the best of your collection!

The Scandinavian Minimalist

White walls, candles, clean lines, natural materials, and a limited color palate exemplify Scandinavian Minimalism.  Looking for the perfect color of white paint?  Try “Alabaster” by Sherwin Williams!  It’s one of the paint maker’s best selling hues and provides the perfect off-white neutral backdrop for nearly any space.  Curating items for this style requires little more than a walk through your local park!  A mixture of natural materials like wood, feathers, pinecones, and branches give a nod to the Scandinavian aesthetic while metallic elements and clean-lined objects maintain a modern, minimalist design.

The Green Thumb

Indoor plant enthusiasts know greenery is the secret to adding life, warmth, dimensionality, and interest to your home!  With options for hanging plants, draping vines off mantles, and potted trees for a sculptural accent, fireplaces provide ample opportunity to decorate with houseplants.  Even if the space surrounding your fireplace doesn’t have a lot of natural light, there are a number of low maintenance plants for environments with limited light.   The jungle-like tendrils of a Golden Pothos or the steeple-reminiscent foliage of a Snake Plant are both excellent candidates.

The Curated Bohemian

A colorful combination of patterns, textures, and textiles mixed with natural materials like greenery, clay pots, wood, and wicker give your home bohemian flair.  This eclectic décor gives spaces a low-key, comfortable, and lived-in vibe.  Handmade pottery, Moroccan textiles, macramé wall hangings, and antique mirrors are all at home in this aesthetic.  For an added pop of green, succulents and cacti look great in terracotta pots and provide inexpensive, low-maintenance interest to the space!

Personalizing the space around your fireplace should be approached as a fun adventure. Which of these styles was your favorite?

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